What is Measure

Measure is industry-leading flooring estimation software that follows the workflow of the estimating process. You create precise estimates in only 5 easy steps. Measure can estimate carpet, tile, laminate and hardwood flooring for projects of all sizes.

Why Choose Measure


  • Quickly calculate even the biggest commercial takeoffs.

  • Increase profits with more efficient and accurate estimates.

  • Minimize waste by optimally placing carpet seams and cuts.

  • Precisely control all details of complex commercial projects.


  • Estimate flooring for custom, tract, or multi-family homes

  • Precisely control profit margins

  • Work faster using powerful drawing tools and templates.

  • Achieve less waste by controlling cut and seam placement.


  • Increase sales by immediately showing customers accurate estimates.

  • Deliver service your competitors cannot match.

  • Complete in-home sales and estimates using your notebook or tablet PC.

  • Prevent costly estimating mistakes by capturing every detail of the sale.


  • Use built-in tile patterns to quickly create complex designs.

  • Define custom tile shapes and sizes.

  • Create 3D visualizations to show exactly how the finished project will look.


How Measure Works

Measure provides all the tools you need to quickly create a precise flooring estimate in 5 easy steps.


1. Draw the Layout

Draw the floor plan or surface using the computer mouse and powerful drawing tools. Or import drawings from graphics files (.pdf, .bmp, .tiff, Dodge files, CAD, etc.). You can also prepare a take-off from construction prints using a digitizer tablet.

2. Define and Assign Materials

Create or import product information, including description, color, size and price. Assign materials to each part of the floor plan or surface. Standard materials lists can be shared between projects.

3. Add Project Details

Add transitions (i.e. doors), stairs, borders and walls. Define add-on materials (e.g. carpet pad, adhesive) and labor so that no costs are overlooked. Create custom tile patterns.

4. Calculate the Estimate

Measure calculates material quantity and cost. Seams are automatically created and cuts are placed on carpet roll for maximum efficiency. You can flexibly adjust the results.

    5. View Results and Print Reports

    Display the Worksheet to see costs by material or room. Print seam layout and cut diagrams for installers. Display in 3D, pan, zoom and rotate.

    Our Customers

    This software has been central to our commercial flooring business. It allows us to perform blueprint takeoffs fast, efficiently and accurately.
    — James A. Macco, Macco’s Commercial Interiors, Inc.
    In today’s market, accuracy, better yield, and tighter margins are a must for survival. Measure is absolutely vital to my business and its future.
    — Mark Enyart, Enyart Flooring

    Popular Features



    Measure is sold as a monthly or annual subscription. You always have access to the latest version, and there are no additional support or maintenance fees. Learn more about pricing and editions.



    Projects are stored securely in our cloud service and can be be opened by Measure on your PC or on your mobile device.



    QuickBooks integration means you can export bids from Measure for fast, easy invoicing. And it's included for free.