Measure Mobile 3 for existing Mobile subscribers

If you are an existing user of Measure Mobile you may wonder how the release of Measure Mobile 3 affects you.  Here are the key points:

You do not have to do anything right now

Measure Mobile 2 continues to be supported.  Your existing files and subscription will continue unchanged.  You can still login to the web version and the apps can still be downloaded from the App stores.

Announcing Measure Cloud Storage

Available immediately, RFMS now offers cloud storage.  This new service allows you to do the following:

  • Files can be opened and edited by either Measure on a PC or Measure Mobile
  • Access your files from anywhere in the world, on any PC using Measure Desktop or on your mobile device using Measure Mobile
  • Draw the floorplan using your mobile device and finish your estimate on your PC
  • Draw the floorplan on your PC and use your mobile device to perform field verifications
  • Files, including PDF and CAD attachments, are always backed up and secure

Measure Cloud Storage is purchased as a tiered account with a maximum number of projects that may be saved to the cloud per company. By going to the Measure Cloud Storage subscription page, you may purchase an account that allows up to either 100, 500 or 2,000 projects for your company.

This feature requires the recently released Measure Desktop 2015.1 and Measure Mobile 3.0.

Learn more about how it works by reading the online documentation.

Choosing the right Bluetooth DISTO

Leica's newest line-up of Bluetooth DISTO distancemeters use a new kind of wireless connection called Bluetooth Smart. This can make it challenging to find the right tool for the job since the DISTO, Measure and your computer or tablet must all be compatible with one another. Hopefully, the chart below will help you find the right solution for your needs:

  Regular Bluetooth D3A BT, A6, D330i, D8 Bluetooth Smart D1, D2, E7100i, D110, D810, D510
Measure Desktop on Windows PC Supported today Supported today
Requires Windows 10 computer with Bluetooth Smart compatibility
Measure Mobile 3 on Android device Not supported Supported today
Requires Bluetooth Smart ready device with Android 4.3
Measure Mobile 3 on Apple iOS device Not supported Supported today
Requires iPad Air, Pro, 2017 iPad, iPad Mini or iPhone 5, 6 or 7

Estimating hexagonal carpet tile


Shaw Contract Group recently introduced an exciting new carpet tile product which is already finding its way into plans our customers are bidding.

While the hexagonal designs allows for some exciting new design options, it presents some special challenges for estimators. Designs frequently call for different colored tiles to be set individually to form elaborate designs. Additionally, even when tiles of the same color are specified they are frequently expected to be turned in random directions when installed.

Measure 2014.1 (to be released this month) solves both of these problems and more.

The tile editor now allows custom designs to be created with any tile shape, including hexagons. The lay direction of individual tiles can also be set.


The Random Tile design now allows lay direction to be specified.


In fact, any Quick Tile design can now incorporate lay direction.

This is just one of many new features and improvements included free as part of your active Measure subscription when you install Measure 2014.1.

Measure Mobile 2.0 now available

Measure Mobile 2.0
Measure Mobile 2.0

A major update to our popular mobile estimating tool is now available.  Measure Mobile 2.0 for iPhone, iPad, Android now includes*:

  • Completely new updated user interface for greater clarity
  • Text can now be added to drawings just like rooms
  • New rooms are no longer assigned a product when they are first created, instead they are left "not specified" until you assign one
  • New room product screen makes it easy to see and change the product style and color assigned to a room
  • Projects screen now includes search bar making it easy to find a project by job name, order number or customer
  • New fields available for products: style number, and for product colors: color number and SKU
  • Now supports "hours" (HR) unit of measure - useful when charging for services
  • New product search screen - filtering criteria replaced by one screen search
  • New Edit Seams screen which allows t-seams and length seams to be added, moved and deleted
  • View Roll screen now includes Info button, allowing user to change max t-seams, lay direction and other room properties
  • Products marked as "favorite" now available when new projects created while offline
  • Worksheet manual line quantity can now be figured based on dimensions of one or more selected rooms
  • Draw room screen now retains your unfinished drawing when you navigate away from the screen
  • You may now specify minimum t-seam and cut widths
  • Total yardage now shows in the seam plan and room plan reports
  • Transitions are now displayed on the Roll screen

Learn more at

*Not all features are available in free trial version.

Proposals, work orders and invoices


Measure 2013.4 now makes it easy to create a variety of special-purpose forms in addition to the familiar quote. These are all available in the new Forms screen (you will find the button for this on the worksheet.)

All the controls you are used to having for the quote are still available, but reorganized into a cleaner user interface. Initially, the document will be formatted as a customizable quote as always.


Additional options can be found on the File tab. Choose Proposal, Work Order or Invoice to apply those design templates to your document. Each has specific formatting options unique to that template. Some of this information, like “invoice number” and “terms and conditions” come from new project properties which can be modified by clicking the Customer button on the new ribbon.


Printed your work order and now need an invoice? No problem. If you would like to retain any customizations you made to the work order, first choose Save on the File tab. Then, choose the Invoice template from the New option. You can always reapply the saved work order formatting later using the Open option.


Use Phases to Manage Flooring Installation

Not all flooring takeoff software is equal. The differences become very clear on large commercial flooring projects. Measure can handle even the largest jobs with speed and precision. And Measure has special tools to make your largest projects easier. For example, the Project Phase feature.

Phases allow you to divide a large project into subsets of rooms. For example, you can create phases that correspond to an installation schedule. Now you can view each phase separately and calculate material quantities and costs by project phase. You can easily see quantities and costs for a single phase, multiple phases together, or the entire project.

If you are evaluating flooring takeoff software and you estimate commercial projects, then Measure is your obvious choice.

Would you like to learn more about using Phases in Measure? Here are two videos you will enjoy.