Give Your Customers Choices, But Don’t Overwhelm

Scenarios in Measure 2012
Scenarios in Measure 2012

We all know that is important to give customers choices. But as C. B. Whittemore points out on Flooring the Consumer, too many choices can freeze your customer into indecision. How can you strike a balance?

Use the Scenario feature in Measure 2012. With scenarios, you can present various combinations of rooms and flooring materials and your customer can easily see the effect on the total price.

Let’s take a look at an example. Here we have created three scenarios for the same home. The first scenario shows flooring for all rooms. The and third scenarios present the option of just doing some of the rooms—either the bedrooms or the kitchen and bath.

Scenarios make it easy for your customer to choose between a few main choices instead of a myriad of minor options.

How do you know what options to include in the scenarios you create? You need to discover the underlying needs and problems that motivated your customer to shop for flooring. But that is a subject for another post.