Managing Check-outs Using Customer Center

This post is the third in a series—see the first and second. The new Check-out Status option in Customer Center allows you to see all your available Measure 2013 subscription licenses and their up-to-the-moment availability. The company below has a total of two licenses, only one is checked out; the other is still available. From here you can also revoke the check-out to make it immediately available for someone else to use - more on that later.


The Manage Users screen has also been enhanced to provide an additional control over the check-out process. Each user now has a "check-out duration" setting.


The check-out duration is how long the license will be considered "checked out" (and by extension, how long Measure will continue to run) in the event communication is lost between Measure and the RFMS License Server.

The default is 15 minutes, but can be increased. A low duration is usually desirable because it means the license will become available quickly in the event a computer is turned off, suspended or crashes. A higher duration can be set to allow more leeway for situations where your company's Internet or power goes out or the user's computer is taken in and out of network availability.

Some scenarios will help you see the pros and cons of the duration setting. Let's imagine your users are all set to 1 hour. Note that in all these cases we are discussing a normal check-out, not an extended checkout (2 days or longer.)  Extended check-outs are meant for users who will routinely work outside the office without an Internet connection and are handled separately.



Bob's computer hibernates with Measure open

No more than 1 hour later the license becomes available for use by someone else automatically.

Bob's computer hard drive crashes

No more than 1 hour later the license becomes available for use by someone else automatically.

Your company's Internet connection goes down

Everyone is able to keep working for up to 1 hour.

Your are in the field and your cell card loses signal

You are able to keep working for up to 1 hour, if the signal comes back before then, no problem. Otherwise, Measure will refuse to keep running.


  • For normal (not extended) durations, Measure always logs out when closed – immediately freeing the license for use by another.
  • You cannot change the duration of a check-out once it has been initiated. The user setting takes effect when the license is initially checked out to that user.
  • Regardless of the duration, you can always revoke the license.

Stay tuned!  Next, we will discuss extended check-outs and revoking check-outs.