How Extended Check-outs Work

This post is part of a series (part 1, 2 and 3) When a user with a check-out duration of 2 days or longer logs into Measure they are given an "extended check-out".

An extended check-out behaves just like a regular check-out in that they can continue to run for a time, up to two weeks, even if their connection to the Internet is lost. But, unlike regular check-outs Measure does not automatically log out when closed and can continue working when restarted.

Standard check-out
Extended check-out
Internet connection required to initially login Yes Yes
License automatically becomes available if Measure stops communicating with server Yes, after 15 minutes to 24 hours - user specific setting Yes, after 2 days to 2 weeks - user specific setting
Measure continues to run if network unavailable Yes, for 15 minutesto 24 hours - user specific setting Yes, for 2 days to 2 weeks - user specific setting
Measure is in constant communication with server when Internet is available Yes Yes, extended check-out does not change this. It only changes how long Measure continues to run if the connection is lost.
Measure logs out when closed Yes No
Internet connection required to start measure Yes No - if already logged in and duration has not been exceeded, user may continue working.
Checkout may be revoked Yes Yes - but caution must be used. Because a revoked license is immediately made available for use by another user, there is the possibility that the original user may still be using Measure simultaneously while disconnected from the Internet. For this reason, revocation of extended check-outs is monitored and RFMS reserves the right to disable this feature if abused.

Our final post in this series will discuss revoking check-outs.