Where are my form templates stored?

In a previous post I introduced the new Forms feature in Measure 2013.4. Several readers have asked exactly how and where form templates are stored. You actually have several options for how to save, share and reuse the forms you design. You can store multiple form designs inside your Measure drawing and later apply any one of those saved designs to the document for that drawing. You can later reuse those designs in other Measure drawings. Finally, you have the option of saving a template in an online shared database for use by others in your company.

Please keep in mind that regardless of the method used, these options save the formatting of the data, not the data itself. If you make changes to your drawing, the numbers in your document will always reflect the current state of the drawing regardless of the formatting or template chosen.

Normal behavior

The customizations you make in the Forms screen are automatically remembered for the active drawing. You do not have to explicitly save your changes when leaving the screen. When you reopen the Measure drawing and go to Forms you will find everything as you left it for that drawing. Each Measure drawing has its own unique Form document and saved settings.

Saving multiple designs

You can have more than one set of form designs in each Measure drawing.

When you choose Save on the File tab you are saving the formatting of the document within the active Measure drawing (.msr file.) You can then later re-apply these settings to the current drawing using the Open command.


Unless you do one of the additional actions mentioned below, you will not see these saved templates in any other Measure drawing.

Reusing a design

Another way to use a template from one drawing in another is to choose File > Open > Open from another project in the Generate Forms screen. This allows you to select another Measure drawing on your computer or network and import any templates contained in that file into the active drawing. Copies of those templates will now be available as part of the active drawing.


Sharing a design with others in your company as a template

Most companies will want to define standard templates to be used for all their jobs. The company-wide template feature makes this possible.

After designing your template, choose Save as Template. This stores the design centrally “in the cloud” where it is available to all other Measure users in your company.


Using a company template

Any company-wide templates saved by yourself or other users in your company will automatically appear in the New list.


Note that use of company-wide templates requires an Internet connection.

Advanced Tip

There’s another way to make standard templates available on every project whether you are connected to the Internet or not. This method may be especially useful for salespeople working in the field or who work solo.

You are likely familiar with the Save as Default feature (found on Options > Project Settings). This tells Measure to remember all of the project settings and products in the current job and use them by default in any new projects you create.

Any form templates defined in the current project (created using the Save command in the Forms screens) are also remembered when Save as Default is used. This means they will automatically be included in any subsequent Measure drawing you create.