Measure Mobile 2.0 now available

Measure Mobile 2.0
Measure Mobile 2.0

A major update to our popular mobile estimating tool is now available.  Measure Mobile 2.0 for iPhone, iPad, Android now includes*:

  • Completely new updated user interface for greater clarity
  • Text can now be added to drawings just like rooms
  • New rooms are no longer assigned a product when they are first created, instead they are left "not specified" until you assign one
  • New room product screen makes it easy to see and change the product style and color assigned to a room
  • Projects screen now includes search bar making it easy to find a project by job name, order number or customer
  • New fields available for products: style number, and for product colors: color number and SKU
  • Now supports "hours" (HR) unit of measure - useful when charging for services
  • New product search screen - filtering criteria replaced by one screen search
  • New Edit Seams screen which allows t-seams and length seams to be added, moved and deleted
  • View Roll screen now includes Info button, allowing user to change max t-seams, lay direction and other room properties
  • Products marked as "favorite" now available when new projects created while offline
  • Worksheet manual line quantity can now be figured based on dimensions of one or more selected rooms
  • Draw room screen now retains your unfinished drawing when you navigate away from the screen
  • You may now specify minimum t-seam and cut widths
  • Total yardage now shows in the seam plan and room plan reports
  • Transitions are now displayed on the Roll screen

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*Not all features are available in free trial version.