Measure Mobile 3 for existing Mobile subscribers

If you are an existing user of Measure Mobile you may wonder how the release of Measure Mobile 3 affects you.  Here are the key points:

You do not have to do anything right now

Measure Mobile 2 continues to be supported.  Your existing files and subscription will continue unchanged.  You can still login to the web version and the apps can still be downloaded from the App stores.

Measure Mobile 3 does not contain all Mobile 2 features

Measure Mobile 3 is a complete redesign of the application from the ground up.  It emphasizes ease of use in the field and support for two-way file sharing with Measure Desktop.  We think you're going to love the new app!  Eventually, Mobile 3 will replace Mobile 2.  However, because it's brand new, it does not yet contain all the features of Measure Mobile 2 that you may be relying on.  So, you may want to continue using Measure Mobile 2 for your production work until you are sure version 3 does everything you need.  Having said that, you are encouraged to give Mobile 3 a try!

You automatically have cloud storage for Mobile 3

The Measure Mobile 3 app is free.  But, to really get the most out of it you will want to Measure Cloud Storage which allows your files to be shared across your devices and enables the two-way file sharing Measure Desktop.  All Measure Mobile 2 subscribers automatically get a storage account allowing up to 100 files to be stored in the cloud (a value of $20/month.)*  This ensures a smooth transition for our valued customers.  You can use both and switch over when you like.

* Note that the 100 files is per license.  So, a company with three Measure Mobile 2 licenses would have a total of 300 cloud files to share among all users at their company.