Announcing Measure Cloud Management

Measure Cloud Management is now available to all users of Measure free of charge, providing you with powerful features to manage both Measure and Measure Mobile projects across your company. It replaces the Measure Customer Center as a means of managing your Measure subscriptions.

  • Add or edit users, authorize which Measure editions a user can use, manage license checkout durations
  • Add or edit templates, products and checklists in the cloud, allowing users to import them on any device
  • Manage folders used for cloud storage and Measure products stored in the cloud

Measure Cloud Management works in conjunction with Measure Cloud Storage. While Measure Cloud Management is provided for no additional charge to Measure and Measure Mobile users and allows you to manage Measure and Measure Mobile projects across your company, Measure Cloud Storage is available on a subscription basis and allows you to save your Measure and Measure Mobile projects in the cloud, making them available to any device on which you have Measure or Measure Mobile.