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Annual (save!) $200 $500 $1,500
Monthly $20 $50 $150
Cloud Services
Number of users Unlimited* Unlimited* Unlimited*
Total number of projects 100 500 2,000
Create folders to organize projects
Maintain a master list of products
Create shared checklists
Create shared templates
Recover deleted files
Restore previous versions of a project
Measure Mobile features
Open drawings created in Measure Desktop
Include a company logo on proposal
Attach photos
Measure Desktop features
Open drawings created in Measure Mobile
Share drawings in the cloud where they can be opened in Desktop or Mobile
Company-wide stacks library
Company-wide quick tile design library
Company-wide 3D object library
* Cloud storage is shared by all users at your company. File count based on all files in your account by all users, regardless of status. Files may be deleted and will be deducted from your file count.

* Cloud storage for Measure Desktop requires Measure 2015.1 or higher, Cloud storage for Measure Mobile requires Measure Mobile 3

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